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Crowne Plaza, Columbus, Ohio
"My customers love to use TING.
What a great marketing tool.
All these e-mails and extra cash too."

TING is always in "the right place at the right time !"

... a LIVE, photo, e-mail greeting, and more...
A self-service station that allows you to electronically transmit a personalized, LIVE
on-location, photographic greeting, instantly.

swivel and tilt head for optimum live background scenes

PC in a PAN

ready for distribution


BUSINESS TYPE: E-mail photo messaging machines
SUMMARY: TING, INC., headquartered in the Columbus, Ohio area, is a highly successful, innovative operation specializing in the distribution of the "TING Machine" at retail locations.  TING is a machine that enables photographs taken on location to be E-mailed with a message to up to 5 persons, and a Collectible Card with same-photo prints for a souvenir. TING advertises the facilitator on these E-mails and Collectible Cards with link to their website. Coupons can be included in order to generate return traffic. An E-mail database is generated for the facilitator for permission marketing, and many other functions can be integrated, including customer surveys, maps locators, upcoming events, coupons, membership ID's, directories, and many other customized options. The distribution of this equipment is perfect for resort and vacation destinations, as well as shopping malls and amusement parks. This impressive operation was established in 1999. These TING machines have earned an excellent reputation over the past years for being user-friendly.  Extras include tilt-swivel head for best background, mobility, cash, credit, free, expert audio instructions, custom designs and colors that lend themselves to the surroundings, and competitive prices. TING maintains an extensive base of satisfied customers from all walks of life and of all ages. There are many excellent avenues for growth, especially with the proper infusion of capital; in fact, there is currently more demand for these machines, both nationally and internationally than can readily be handled. This business requires relatively low overhead and can be successfully operated from any location in the nation, even an individual's home. Name recognition, profitability, established market demand, priced to sell...all of these attributes makes this offering a sound venture for the fortunate party who joins it. A highly successful, well established operation that has "built a better mousetrap". With the proper marketing and capital for manufacturing, this business is a sky rocket, primed for the launching. Don't let it take off without you!
LOCATION: Due to the nature of this business, TING, INC. can be operated from any location.

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