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Welcome to TING, Inc (TING)!  

Specializing in turn-key solutions



If you are looking for enclosures, we are affiliated with one of the leading metal fabricators in the United States. From one-time production to mass production, your orders can be completed within a prompt turnaround time. We help you design an enclosure that is effective and efficient to suit your needs and décor. Also, for the more eccentric designs, we can produce custom fabricated fiberglass enclosures and slip-ons.


Whatever the use - marketing, sales, revenue, customer surveys, medical, entertainment, etc. we can help you design a well-organized, professional application. For a successful product, each screen’s function must be streamlined, well-designed, and user friendly. Progression between screens must be logical and speedy. We have been creating custom applications for our clients since 1988 and have conducted thousands of hours of user-acceptance testing with all types of people. We know how the end-user thinks!


At TING, we use our years of experience and know-how to provide you with the most dependable solutions at affordable prices. TING is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) vendor for many of the components of a kiosk. PCs, touch-screens, monitors, printers, bill acceptors, magnetic card readers/encoders, video cameras, and video capture equipment are among the many parts that we can provide you at manufacturer’s cost. Our technical staff can recommend, install, configure, and test the equipment. We can retrofit any components to fit most any spaces provided.

"Don’t build your kiosk around the components, build the components around your kiosk."


TING is knowledgeable in a multitude of programming languages and database structures. Our software includes a full line of kiosk activity and performance reporting so you know exactly how your users are interacting with your kiosk system.


Communications solutions are our specialty. Your kiosks can be configured to hook into an existing network or, for portable kiosks, wireless communications may be the solution.


In addition to all of the above services, TING can get you moving in the right direction after your kiosks are up and running.

Professional, high-quality vinyl lettering and logos are another service that we offer. Just provide us with the artwork, or we can help you design it. Signage is very important to the success of your kiosk.

We are a company full of great, unique marketing ideas and we can assist you with the promotion and sponsorship of your exciting kiosk solution.


TING can create a custom application using the latest software development tools to fit your needs.

- A Registered Microsoft Partner