tinginc . com

Mr. X Cy TING will allow you to...

have your picture taken, LIVE
enter up to 5 e-mail recipients
enter a personalized message
print a photo Collectible Card

The fun way to send
a live photo greeting

TING is always in
"the right place at the right time !"


It's a cyber TING !



L@@K for Mr. X Cy TING
on tour around the country
visiting GeoCaches


Who is Mr. X Cy TING ?

Mr.X Cy TING travels around the world...

He's a world traveler who loves
to take pictures of all kinds of people. 
Best of all,

he likes to take these pictures at
interesting and fun places
so everyone's background is scenic.

He's always taking pictures,
so there's always a camera in front of his face
and no one knows what he looks like.
He never goes anywhere without his camera,
telling people to


all over the world.

You may be surprised to find him
on your next vacation, weekend getaway,
local mall, or favorite place to eat !
But when you do see him
be sure to smile, say
and have a great time !!!!!

Mr. X
X, because he's anonymous

Cy, because he's a Cyber...