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q.jpg (1615 bytes)Can I get more cards once I get home ?

a.jpg (1410 bytes)Yes - Call TING with location, date, approximate time emails entered and picture description.

q.jpg (1615 bytes)I typed in the wrong email address, will that person receive my TING email anyway ?

a.jpg (1410 bytes)Our staff checks all emails for accuracy. If a suspect email is found we will send it your email address where you can fix it and forward it on. That's why it's important for you to type in your email address. first.

q.jpg (1615 bytes)When will friends and relatives receive my TING ?

a.jpg (1410 bytes)Normally, the email is sent immediately. In some cases, depending on accessibility to a phone line the TING email will be sent at the end of the evening.

q.jpg (1615 bytes)Can I get a TING machine for a special event I'm having ? Like a birthday, or reunion ?

a.jpg (1410 bytes)Yes, TING machines are available. Please contact TING for availability in your area.

q.jpg (1615 bytes)Can I put a TING machine anywhere ?

a.jpg (1410 bytes)TING machines work best in high volume areas. Foot traffic and easy access to the machine are key to success when owning a TING machine.

q.jpg (1615 bytes)Does a TING machine come in different sizes ?

a.jpg (1410 bytes)Yes, presently TING machines come in three sizes. Mr. X Cy TING, our all-weather, rugged TING, ATM size machines and Table-top TING, our smaller Bar Top unit. A machine to fit any of your needs.

q.jpg (1615 bytes)How do I advertise on a TING machine at a location I saw it at ?

a.jpg (1410 bytes)You can advertise on TING machines by contacting TING and we will gladly discuss the many ways TING can work for you and your business.